Experience virtual reality and the latest VR games at Virtual Reality Zone. Using state of the art headsets, be immersed in a gaming experience unlike anything else. Our large open space allows you to explore your virtual world freely without worrying about knocking over furniture or running into things.

Click below to reserve your spot before you come in, and make sure your whole group is able to play together.

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We’re always down for some fun! Be sure to check out our Private Event page if you are curious about having an event at VR Zone. 



Monday – Thursday:
$12 for 30 min
$19 for 60 min

Friday, Saturday, Sunday:
$15 for 30 min
$25 for 60 min

$60 for a 3 time pass*

All Day Pass**
$38 Mon-Thurs
$44 Friday
$50 Saturday, Sunday

*Good for three 1-hr sessions any day of the week. Pass can be shared with others in your group.

**A station may not be guaranteed if we reach full capacity. The number of Day Passes available for sale each day may be limited at our discretion. 

Reserve Now!



Ample free parking in the parking lot behind our building. Some parking restrictions if you enter after 9 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Come in before 9 PM and stay for the night to enjoy free parking.